May 14, 2019

Cambodia and Nepal Hope for Direct Flights

Cambodia and Nepal will press for direct flights between the two countries to encourage tourism, Prime Minister Hun Sen said after a meeting on Monday.

Hun Sen at the National Assembly's 6th mandate on September 5, 2018. Image: Chorn Chanren

Hun Sen Ponders How to Prevent a Gov’t Overthrow

Prime Minister Hun Sen last week issued a letter to officials that seemed to reveal concerns that changes in the political situation at the grassroots level in Cambodia could cause risks for his usual mechanisms for maintaining control and power.

Chinese tattooed man

Chinese Video Stokes Fears, Sparks Police Inquiry

A widely shared video showing almost 20 tattooed men aggressively chanting about chaos in Sihanoukville was possibly linked to a Chinese criminal group, the Chinese Embassy has suggested, sparking a police investigation.