November 6, 2020
Mam Vibol in hospital on November 2, 2020, in a photo posted to the Facebook page of Kampot Provincial Police.

Kampot Police Sent to Court for Firing at Ground and Killing a Man

Three Kampot police officers were arrested and sent to court Thursday afternoon for killing a man because of a “coincidence” — they fired a gun at the ground while responding to a scuffle and the bullet hit the man, the provincial police chief said on Thursday.

The visiting Hungarian delegation meets with Cambodian Foreign Affairs officials with some attendees wearing masks in a photo posted to Cambodian minister Prak Sokhonn's Facebook page on November 3, 2020.

As Covid-19 Protocols Breached, Concerns Over Lack of Transparency

UPDATED 2 p.m. — Caution and skepticism persist despite health authorities reporting success in keeping Covid-19 numbers down, as government officials have ignored safety precautions, a foreign delegation was allowed to skip quarantine, and the country’s testing regime remains opaque.