June 17, 2022
NagaWorld protesters are taken away from the Phnom Penh casino by bus on April 19, 2022. (Roun Ry/VOD)

Video: NagaWorld Workers’ Yearlong Fight to Keep Their Union

On Saturday, it will be six months since NagaWorld workers began their near-daily demonstration over alleged union busting, and more than a year since mass layoffs were first announced. Their numbers are being whittled away, but strikers who persist say they are fighting for the right to organize in Cambodia.

The Cambodia Film Commission and Cine Hub are directly across from the department of cinema and cultural diffusion. Visible down the road is the Bophana Audiovisual Center. (Josephine Baliling)

Cinema Street: Heritage-Rich Thoroughfare Dreams of Renaissance

Most people traveling down Phnom Penh’s St. 200 see it as just another unassuming thoroughfare; a small stretch they breeze past on their way to someplace else. But Chandara So sees it differently. He sees it as the exciting center of a new Cambodian film renaissance.