Women hold lotus flowers as authorities look on outside Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh on March 8, 2019, during a rally marking International Women's Day (Licadho)

Opinion: How Some Cambodian Women Contribute to the Patriarchy

While gender equality advocates have called out the government’s recent moves against what women wear as a restriction on women’s rights, some women have voiced support for the measures, and simultaneously reinforced the patriarchy.

Cambodian journalists cover in an event in Phnom Penh. (Chorn Chanren/VOD)

Opinion: Seeking Justice in Cases of Violence Against Journalists Worldwide

The culture of impunity surrounding attacks on journalists represents one of the single greatest threats to freedom of expression worldwide. We must use our freedom of expression to defend it, and to call out crimes against journalists.

Flood plains in Cambodia (Adelia Ribier/WorldFish)

Q&A: What Is Cambodia’s Climate Future?

We asked four people — including an environmental activist, a sustainable growth advocate and two climate researchers — about Cambodia’s place in the climate conundrum. Here’s what they told us.

Nuon Chea during a Khmer Rouge tribunal Trial Chamber hearing on December 5, 2011 (ECCC)

Q&A: How Will Nuon Chea Be Remembered?

VOD asked two historians, a researcher and Nuon Chea’s defense attorney about his life, death and legacy. Here’s what they said.

Sam Rainsy, Phil Bennion and Mu Sochua.

Opinion: Sam Rainsy’s ‘Return’ a Mere Commotion

LONG BEACH, California — However unconventional the story may appear, many Cambodian politicians in the diaspora and their supporters are convinced that their self-exiled leader Sam Rainsy will soon return to Cambodia, triumphantly escorted by a group of European parliamentarians.