Enslaved: An Investigation


Workers trapped in Cambodian human-trafficking hubs are forced to perpetrate massive global scams

Underground Group Chat Teems With Human Trafficking Ads

Every day, posters come to the “White Shark Channel” to plug their services or seek those of others. People smugglers, bounty hunters and even scammers looking for new jobs in the industry are networking in the Telegram group.

White-Hat Hacker Infiltrates Cambodian Scam Operations

A notorious Vietnamese ex-hacker infiltrated Cambodian scam operations’ computers after entrapped workers reached out for help. He collected thousands of internal chat messages and documented the workings of their fake online investment schemes.

The barbed wire fence surrounding a building complex, called "Jincai" by one worker, where workers are allegedly detained to perpetuate scams, on May 30, 2022. (Danielle Keeton-Olsen/VOD)

‘How to Help Them?’ Volunteer Stonewalled in Scam Worker Rescues

Seeking the rescue of 11 men allegedly entrapped at scam operations, a volunteer visited three commune police stations, Sihanoukville city and provincial authorities, and sent messages to officials and a police hotline. None were released, and two groups faced consequences.