More Resignations at Love Party Leave It Headless

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Cambodia National Love Party president Chiv Cata before his resignation, in a photo posted to his Facebook page in June 2022.
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Senior leaders of the beleaguered Cambodia National Love Party continued to resign over the weekend, leaving its elected commune officers disappointed and perplexed days after a statement announced the “dissolution” of the CNRP-linked political group.

Party president Chiv Cata posted his resignation on July 30, one day after he posted a party statement signed by him announcing the dissolution of the fledgling party and calling on members to join the CPP. His resignation post was similarly worded.

“The reason for my resignation from the Cambodia National Love Party is because I have seen the correct leadership of Samdech Hun Sen especially on the constitutional amendments for the benefit of the whole nation,” reads the resignation letter.

“So I would like to appeal to the brothers and sisters within the opposition parties to join the CPP to participate in building the country together.”

Party vice president Kheuy Sinoeurn told VOD on Monday that he too had resigned from the party, as had party vice president Kong Kimhak and senior leaders Sok Visol and An Sopheara. VOD could not reach Cata or Kimhak to verify these resignations.

Sinoeurn did not say why he had resigned, but said the party was being dissolved as published in the statement released by Cata.

“Talking about the feeling of leaving, I can’t find [words] to match that [feeling]. … I will leave it to those who have the ability to continue the work,” he said.

On Friday, party treasurer Siev Visoth said that interim president Tan Tin had also resigned, but he didn’t believe that Cata’s statement was authentic. Visoth said the party would continue functioning.

That also seemed to be the understanding for two of the party’s five commune councilors in the country. And the turmoil has left them dejected and searching for answers.

Sorn Ratha, a first deputy commune chief for Mepring in Kampong Cham, said he was skeptical whether Cata’s announced dissolution was done in line with procedures, as a super majority of the board of directors had to vote to dissolve the party.

Ratha said he previously worked for the CNRP, becoming commune chief of the Mepring in 2017, and was working wholeheartedly to get the Love Party to win in the commune.

“I am disappointed and I have struggled and loved them from the bottom of my heart, and they left like this. I am really disappointed,” he said, referring to the slew of resignations.

Pov Chanveasna, a second deputy commune chief in Kampong Cham’s Taing Kraing commune, said he had weighed all his options before deciding to join the Love Party, and intended on continuing to work for it.

“I will not go anywhere. I will stay with the Cambodia National Love Party because I don’t know where to go,” he said.

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