Candlelight vice president Son Chhay speaks to the media on July 15, 2022, after he was questioned in relation to a CPP lawsuit.

Son Chhay’s Houses Seized Over Defamation Compensation

A Phnom Penh court has ordered the temporary seizure of two properties belonging to opposition leader Son Chhay in relation to $750,000 in damages he is expected to pay to the ruling party for a defamation conviction.

Candlelight Party vice president Son Chhay speaks to reporters after questioning at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on July 12, 2022. (Hean Rangsey/VOD)

Son Chhay Defamation Cases Sent Directly to Trial

A Phnom Penh court prosecutor has decided to formally charge opposition leader Son Chhay for public defamation in two cases, with his lawyer saying the cases now proceed to trial.