Representatives from the NGO World Vision donate Mee Chiet instant noodles and other food to the Pur Senchey district office for distribution in a photo posted to the district's Facebook page on May 14, 2021.

Noodle and Water Tycoon Attains Higher Oknha Rank

Choeung Sokuntheavy, the tycoon overseeing Vital water and Mee Chiet noodles, gained the title of “neak oknha” earlier this year, a step up from the unembellished “oknha” title that has attracted controversy this year.

Mean Pich Rita is comforted by her mother in a video posted to social media.

Student TV Presenter Accuses Oknha of Attempted Rape

A student and television presenter who was detained after a tycoon accused her of theft has filed a complaint against the tycoon alleging he tried to rape her, leading to calls for justice for the woman across social media.

The NagaWorld casino in Phnom Penh. (Chorn Chanren/VOD)

‘An Oknha’s Stomach Can Eat Up Lakes, Mountains and Forests’

The country’s top academic, tired of illegal logging in his institute’s sanctuary, railed against the excess of tycoons: “An oknha’s stomach can eat up lakes, mountains and forests.” The honorific of “oknha,” amid persistent scandals, has acquired a tarnished reputation.