police violence
Kampong Thom provincial military police chief Hang Thol in August 2021, in a photo from the Kampong Thom provincial military police Facebook page.

Deputy Village Chief Killed in Online Gambling Sting

Eleven Kampong Thom military police officers have been detained for an investigation into the death of a deputy village chief that occurred during a crackdown at an alleged online lottery cafe, said the provincial military police commander. 

Mam Vibol in hospital on November 2, 2020, in a photo posted to the Facebook page of Kampot Provincial Police.

Kampot Police Sent to Court for Firing at Ground and Killing a Man

Three Kampot police officers were arrested and sent to court Thursday afternoon for killing a man because of a “coincidence” — they fired a gun at the ground while responding to a scuffle and the bullet hit the man, the provincial police chief said on Thursday.