Phnom Penh Appeal Court in 2019. (Chorn Chanren/VOD)

Chinese Businessman in Jail for 15 Years Over Surrogate Child

A Chinese businessman wanted a child in 2017 and paid a Chinese company to find him a surrogate. The surrogate, who was in Cambodia, gave birth to the child. But after the businessman arrived here to receive the baby, he was arrested for trafficking and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Surrogacy ‘Mastermind’ Appeals Sentence

A Chinese national serving a seven-year sentence for organizing illegal surrogacy argued on Monday that he was just staying at a friend’s house and didn’t know why there were dozens of pregnant women there.

illustration of mother holding baby boy

A Surrogate Family and the Law That Criminalized Them

Cambodia banned commercial surrogacy in 2016. Since then, about 100 surrogate mothers have been ordered by courts to raise the children they carried for others — a costly but happy result for one.

Eleven Surrogate Mothers Released on Bail

Eleven surrogate mothers who were jailed while pregnant in November have been released on bail, a senior Interior Ministry official said on Thursday. Nouth Savna,