September 28, 2020
Police stand in front of a house in the Grand Phnom Penh development (left) and a sign in front of a house (right). (Provided)

Armed Guards Descend on Protesters From Luxury Gated Community

About 30 armed guards descended on a leafy Chip Mong-owned gated complex on Monday evening after residents — including Acleda Bank CEO In Channy — protested a plan to fill in a water feature, with some homeowners hanging protest banners on their mansions.

Chikungunya mosquito (CDC Global)

Chikungunya Spreads to 21 Provinces, Almost 6,000 Suspected Infected

Five tons of larvicide has been shipped to one province alone as authorities battle the spread of the chikungunya virus, a rapidly spreading, mosquito-borne disease that is suspected to have infected almost 6,000 people across 21 provinces in three months .