Chan Muyhong
Workers leave a garment factory at the end of their shift in Cambodia in 2016. (Marcel Crozet/ILO/Creative Commons)

As Cambodia Sheds Factory Jobs, Family Farms Lose a Lifeline

Hammered by years of debt, drought and desperation, Cambodia’s smallholder farmers have long supported themselves by sending family to work in Phnom Penh factories. But the pandemic has upended the arrangement, forcing unemployed workers back to failing farms.

A fisherman sells an off-seasonal catch at the Stung Treng city fish market on August 15, 2020. (Enric Català/VOD)

Frightened by River Changes, Villagers Blame Laos Dam, Seek Answers

In Stung Treng, villagers are experiencing unexpected changes to their environment: disappearing fish, dying forests, eroding islands. As they grapple with changing natural cycles, they project their fears onto the giant Don Sahong dam that looms upstream.

Cambodia Daily editors lay out the final issue of the newspaper in the newsroom in Phnom Penh on September 3, 2017 (Ben Woods)

Former Cambodia Daily Readers, Left Hungry, Shift News Diet

Former Cambodia Daily readers say they miss their routine of reading critical, balanced news coverage of the nation. Many say their news diet had shifted — with some left hungry — since the newspaper’s closure.