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Authorities guard a villa in Borey Angkor Phnom Penh where an alleged kidnapping attempt and fatal shootout occurred, in a photo posted to the Phnom Penh Military Police Facebook page on March 1, 2021.

Military Police Gun Down Four Men Saying They Were Would-Be Kidnappers

Attention has turned to a young man who posted dozens of photos of himself in soldier’s uniform as the “mastermind” behind a planned kidnapping after military police shot dead four alleged would-be kidnappers in a shootout at a Phnom Penh gated housing complex on Monday.

Authorities on duty at Phnom Penh’s Chak Angre Health Center, where Covid-19 patients are treated, pose for a photo in February 2021 while receiving handheld metal detectors and electric-stun batons. (Phnom Penh Police Facebook)

Electric-Stun Batons Distributed to Police at Quarantine Centers

Police manning Covid-19 quarantine centers have been equipped with face masks, metal detectors and electric-stun batons, while security along the country’s borders has also been tightened to prevent illegal entries that circumvent quarantine, officials said.