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Khem Veasna with LDP supporters at his Phnom Kulen plantation in Siem Reap, in a photograph posted to Veasna's Facebook page on September 7, 2022.

Workers Who Left Korea to Escape End of World Begin to Return

Cambodian workers who left their jobs in South Korea in fear of politician Khem Veasna’s prophecy that the world would end in flooding have started to return, hoping to get their old jobs back, a Cambodian association there says.

A photo of Khem Veasna posted to his Facebook page on August 30, 2022, where he talks about stopping an impending flood.

Military Locks Down Politician’s Doomsday Farmstead

Soldiers have blocked the road into politician Khem Veasna’s Siem Reap farmstead, where thousands of worshippers gathered to avoid an apocalyptic flood that Veasna claimed he had now prevented with his chakra.