migrant workers

Seasonal Migrants Fired From Thai Durian Factory

Dozens of undocumented Cambodian migrant workers have been dismissed from a Thai dried-durian factory after being brought there by job brokers, leaving them in a vulnerable state in an incident that underscores the risks of ongoing illegal migration.

Construction workers on a site in Bangkok in May 2022. (Kiana Duncan/VOD)

Migrant Vote Stifled by Costs, Crossings, Opposition Leanings

For as many as 2 million Cambodians living and working in Thailand, making a trip back to their communes to vote will be too difficult in the coming days. Workers and organizers there say obstacles and lack of absentee voting only breeds mistrust.

Long Separations Sustain Migrant Families’ Incomes

Cambodian migrant workers who have been stranded at home said they are aching for the chance to travel abroad again because the earnings they make here are too small to cover their costs of living.

Two police officers detained eight Cambodian migrant workers in the back of a police pickup truck after workers held a petition at the Thai Labor Ministry on October 29, 2021. (Labor Network for People's Rights)

Migrant Workers’ Arrest Calls Attention to Thailand Legal Negligence

Chhay Loeum, a Cambodian migrant, was rounded up by police from Thailand’s Labor Ministry along with seven other workers making an appeal over unpaid wages. Rights advocates say the incident illustrates the Thai government’s broken promises and indifference to one of the most vulnerable groups in Thai society.