A poster of Mahsa Amini, who died in Iran after morality police took her into custody for wearing her hijab too loosely, is raised at a protest in Istanbul on December 10, 2022. (Dilara Senkaya/Reuters)

More Than Protest: The Women, Life, Freedom Revolution in Iran

Even though I am currently residing in Cambodia, far away from Iran, the movement for Women, Life, Freedom has been haunting me for weeks, writes Veronika Gruber.

18,000 have been jailed; 500 killed. Closing my eyes and remaining silent in front of this extreme injustice toward humankind would mean my approval of the brutality of the Iranian regime, she says.

A lawmaker votes on legislation at the National Assembly on May 11, 2022.

Opinion: Should Cambodia Adopt a Gender Quota Policy?

Cultural barriers to greater women’s equality in Cambodia require a major shake-up to dislodge, and quotas — whether mandatory or voluntary — have been necessary globally to make even gradual progress, writes Future Forum’s Heng Molika.

The Don Sahong dam, with the Sadam channel visible behind it, on August 14, 2020. (Enric Català/VOD)

Opinion: New Mekong Power Options Could Change the Tide

Developing nations in the Mekong have long had to choose between cheap, accessible power and sustainable river management. That may no longer be necessary, writes Singapore University of Technology and Design’s Stefano Galelli.

pxhere.com/Public Domain

Opinion: Yubi — Yes, This Is the Way It Has Been

“Is this how things are supposed to happen in Cambodia?” Mean Pich Rita, who has accused an oknha of attempted rape, asks her mother in a widely circulated video. It is painful and frustrating to have to give a simple but true answer to this question: Yes, this is the way it has been, writes Future Forum researcher Theang Soriya.