The 11-year-old daughter of Da Lin, 37, watches as volunteers dismantle their floating house in Phnom Penh's Prek Pnov village on June 10, 2021. (Danielle Keeton-Olsen/VOD)

Opinion: Riverside Evictions Aren’t Just Cruel. They’re Also a Covid-19 Risk

If authorities do not see empathy as reason enough to halt the eviction of hundreds of families on Phnom Penh’s rivers, they should do so because it is what’s best for the health of the city, and the health of the country at large, writes Quinn Libson.

Screenshots from security footage posted by Duong Chhay’s ex-wife Deth Malina on her Facebook page.

Opinion: Domestic Violence in Elite Families Is Often Made Invisible

When domestic violence is studied or discussed in Cambodia, it doesn’t usually look like this. We probably picture violence affecting women living in poverty in rural areas, not in the luxurious homes of elite families.

Phnom Penh’s Riverside area in 2019. (tjabeljan/Creative Commons)

Opinion: Covid-19 Pandemic Supports Case for Decriminalizing Sex Work

Imagine trying to trace a cluster of Covid-19 cases centered around sex workers and expecting them to report themselves to authorities for testing. Under current policies, there is zero incentive for sex workers to comply. This is why decriminalization is the answer.

(Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: For Gender Equality, Engage and Help Men to Embrace Change

It’s a blind spot that you probably aren’t expecting to hear about on International Women’s Day: Not enough attention is being paid to the roles that men could play, or are playing, either in pushing the gender equality movement forward, or holding it back.

Cambodian journalists cover in an event in Phnom Penh. (Chorn Chanren/VOD)

Opinion: Women’s Challenges in Newsrooms Are Going Unreported

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we gathered our own experiences, and the perspectives of several other women and men in newsrooms, to open a discussion about equity in journalism — whether the issues are about newsroom culture or punishable by law.