Koh Kong
Phnom Penh communes where the CPP is running uncontested in this week's election.

In 24 Communes, the Only Choice Is CPP

Tens of thousands of voters will enter polling booths on June 5 to vote on a ballot with only one party to choose from: In 24 communes, including eight in Phnom Penh, the ruling CPP is the only available choice.

A spirit house near the site where environmentalist Chut Wutty was murdered in 2012, in April 2022. (Roun Ry/VOD)

Forest Crusader’s Death Couldn’t Stop Destruction in Cardamoms

Environmentalist Chut Wutty was killed 10 years ago today, shot dead by a soldier in the Cardamom forest. The forest was being cleared by a company with high-level connections, including to the military. The area now contains large patches of cleared forest and a cascade of hydropower dams.